Best Places to Go to After Leaving California Avoid Drought and Heat Waves

Best Places to Go to After Leaving California Avoid Drought and Heat Waves

California’s intense heat and drought are causing a feedback loop that makes both even worse. If have lived in the state for the last 20 years, you’ve seen increasingly worsening drought conditions, heat waves, and wildfires caused by climate change. Within the decade between 2010 and 2020, 6.1 million people left the state. Many continue the trend of leaving California today with the aim of moving to another state less affected by climate change. If you want to do the same, consider the following places to move to:


Michigan has the country’s top climate change index rating, per factors including drought, wildfires, flooding, extreme heat, and climate change preparedness. The state ranks high for its lower number of residents at risk of flooding, extreme heat, drought, and wildfires.


If you hate the heat, Vermont is just below Colorado as a state that has the most people protected from dangerously hot temperatures through 2050. It also ranks in the top quarter for states with the fewest people in flood plains or at risk of buying properties in flood-prone areas.

The aspects of Vermont that didn’t rank in the top one-fourth of states included people at risk of negative drought impacts, those at risk of wildfires, and climate change preparedness. However, this state does rank in the second quarter for all these factors of the climate change index. 


Pennsylvania, came in third for its total climate change index, primarily due to its perfect climate change preparedness score. Plus, like many other Northeastern states, it has a lower chance of drought than California due to the area’s naturally rainier climate. Other factors, such as wildfire risk, dangerous heat, and flooding risks all fell within the second quarter of states.

Improve Your Climate in Another State by Leaving California with Assistance from IMPACT Properties

Leaving California is never an easy decision. However, the impacts of drought, wildfires, and heat waves in the state will make it unlivable for many. IMPACT Properties can help you with many steps in the moving process. Contact us to start your exodus from California.