Cheapest States to Move to from California

California's high living costs include high taxes and expensive housing. If you want to relocate out of the state, you may want to consider moving to one of the cheapest states to live in. In fact, one of these states has an area that pays people to move there. Find out where you can get money to move and which states make your dollars do more.


Out of all the cheapest states in the nation, Mississippi ranks at the top. If the average cost of living for the entire United States is 100, the cost of living index for this state is 86.1. Therefore, you will spend 13.9% less, on average, for housing, food, taxes, healthcare, and more compared to the national average.

Located on the Gulf of Mexico, Mississippi offers beaches, countryside, and cities to accommodate residents' needs. Also, for those who don't like living in cold, wintry climates, such as in the mountains of eastern California, Mississippi's mild winters will be a pleasant change.


The state with the second-lowest cost of living, with an index of 86.9 is Arkansas. The Natural State has large cities and multiple parks, lakes, mountains, and other outdoor recreation sites. Plus, Northwest Arkansas will offer new residents $10,000 and a bike for relocating there. This portion of the state also features an average income 14% higher than that earned on average across the nation, despite the state's much lower cost of living. If you want arts, nature, and a low cost of living, Arkansas might be your new home.


If housing costs are your main concern, moving to the third cheapest state to live in, Oklahoma, may be a good choice. This state's housing costs rank fourth in the nation's lowest, and its cost-of-living index is 87. With housing costs so low, 65.6% of the populationown their homes instead of rent.

Make Your Move to Any of the Cheapest States in the U.S. Easier

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