Differences Between Arizona and California to Consider When You Are Leaving California

Differences Between Arizona and California to Consider When You Are Leaving California

Arizona is the neighboring state that many Californians are relocating to. This state provides ex-Californians with lower taxes, cheaper housing, and great weather. In fact, thousands are leaving California to become Arizonans. If you are thinking of making the same move, know what you can expect from relocating.

How Many People Are Leaving California for Arizona?

Arizona is a hot spot for people from California. In 2019, 60,000 people left California to become Arizona residents. In fact, among the half of Californians who thought about moving, 64% included Arizona as a possible destination.

With people leaving California and others moving into the state, the population of Arizona seems to be on a consistently positive trajectory. The reasons for relocating from California to Arizona include lower taxes, cheaper housing costs, and great weather.

Why People Relocate to Arizona: Lower Taxes

High taxes are one of the most common reasons for people to leave California. Lower taxes make living in Arizona a better option for many. In fact, compared to Los Angeles, Phoenix has lower income taxes and sales taxes. Sales tax in Phoenix is 8.6% compared to Los Angeles’s 9.5%. Income taxes in Phoenix are also lower, 3.4% compared to the income tax for Los Angelenos of 8.0%. These differences can make a big difference in spending capabilities.

Why People Relocate to Arizona: Cheaper Housing

Another major difference between Arizona and California is the cost of housing. Homes in California have a median sales price of 60% higher than those that sell in Arizona. Consequently, many people are leaving California for Arizona to access cheaper housing, both to buy and rent.

Why People Relocate to Arizona: Great Weather

If you cannot give up the sunny weather of southern California, consider moving to Arizona. The state has three main climate regions: semiarid, arid, and humid. Most of the state is semiarid with hot, dry summers and mild winters. The semiarid areas of Phoenix and Tucson, receive most of their rain during the summer when 3 inches on average falls. However, to the north, cooler Flagstaff receives an average of 10 to 15 inches of rain annually. Generally, most of the state will offer sunny weather throughout most of the year.

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