Don’t Forget These Important Tasks When Moving Out of State

Don’t Forget These Important Tasks When Moving Out of State

Before you complete your move out of California, have you done everything required? There are many organizations you need to alert of your new address. Plus, you need to take care of your property in California. Find out which tasks you cannot skip when moving out of state.

Change Your Address with Financial Institutions

First, after moving out of state, make sure that you update your bank, credit card companies, and other financial institutions with your new address. Many of these organizations will need your new location to send you bills.

Even if you have paperless billing, financial institutions need your correct address. They often use your billing zip code as an additional verification method for some transactions. Therefore, you want to have this information updated.

Update Your Vehicle Information

Next, make sure that you update your vehicle’s information. You may need to go to the DMV in your new state and get a new driver’s license and vehicle registration. Also, make sure that you change your address with the California DMV so you won’t get registration renewal notices after you leave the state.

If you are selling your vehicle, donating it, or giving it away, the state of California requires that you submit a form indicating that you no longer own the vehicle.

Learn About Local Laws in Your New State

Find out about any local laws and taxes in your new state. For instance, moving to another state may come with changes in traffic laws. Some states or even cities have specific laws regarding cell phone use, turning right on red, or using hazard lights in inclement weather. Make sure that you research the local requirements for driving before getting on the road in your new home state.

Additionally, find out about local requirements for taxes, guidelines for your homeowner’s association (HOA), or other laws, rules, and regulations. Learning about these before moving out of state can reduce your chances of encountering problems after your move.

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