Expert tips on moving from California to Oklahoma

Expert tips on moving from California to Oklahoma

Oklahoma is a beautiful state located in the southern part of the United States. Known for its beautiful lush greenery, rivers, mountain ranges, and other landscapes, Oklahoma is a good place for people looking for financial opportunities. Along with these, many other things make Moving from California to Oklahoma beneficial.

What are the gains and losses of Moving from California to Oklahoma?

The main reason for Moving from California to Oklahoma is the low cost of living. Housing cost in Oklahoma is about 24% lower than the country's average. Moreover, the state is home to more than 64 aboriginal communities, which speaks of the multiculturalism and diversity of this state.

There are many benefits of relocating to Oklahoma.

  • Cost of living

It is a widely known fact that housing in Oklahoma is about 75% of the average cost in America. However, the entire lifestyle cost is also very low compared to other states. Apart from housing, education, food, and transportation – everything is available at a fairly lower cost, which is a great thing for Oklahoma residents. Alternatively, the cost of living in California is about 102% of Oklahoma. Buying a house in Oklahoma City will cost around 130 thousand dollars, but the same house, if not bigger, will cost nearly 700 thousand dollars.

  • Welcoming city

Moving to a new place can certainly seem difficult if you are unfamiliar with your neighbors. It becomes tough to stay in a community where people are not welcoming and don't lend a helping hand. Thankfully, Oklahoma ranks within the top 5 of all US states regarding friendliness. That improves the overall experience of residing there, and it's certainly better than California.


  • Great transportation

Oklahoma is a state of great transportation, which also comes at a lower rate than most US states, especially California. California is notorious for its traffic and frequent congestion; however, there is no rush hour in Oklahoma. The road infrastructure is very convenient and very easy to navigate through. As the city is not overpopulated, it shows a reduced number of vehicles. The public transport is free-flowing and well-controlled. All that makes transportation around the city and outskirts easier, faster, and safer. Who doesn't like to hit all the green signals while coming home after a shift?

  • Employment and business opportunities

Employment and business opportunities are the pillars of any state's growing economy, and Oklahoma is up there with other major US states. The state's main economic sectors, such as oil and natural gas refineries, telecommunication, green energy, food processing, and aerospace engineering, have prompted the way to more investments and job opportunities. A good share of return from investments is a functional way to attract more families and, well, also corporations. Oklahoma is one of the fastest-growing economies in the country, and that makes finding a dependable career far less than difficult. Tulsa is a fantastic place to seek a career in technology, medicine, etc.

Oklahoma is a great place that offers more than just better housing, food, and transport at a competitive budget. The rivers, parks, and forests are wonderful for hiking, camping, rafting, paddleboarding, and kayaking. Apart from that, the city zoo and botanical gardens are a must-watch. Museums, shopping complexes, and also art and culture festivals go on year-round.

All of that makes Moving from California to Oklahoma very advantageous.

Places to stay in Oklahoma and cost

Oklahoma City and Tulsa remain the best two places to stay because of the reduced living expense without compromising necessities and services. Tulsa remains the state's cultural hub, whereas Oklahoma city is one of the most promising economies in the country, suited for business.

The average expense of Moving from California to Oklahoma is about 3,900 dollars.

Apart from all these benefits, there are a few things that you need to take note of.

  • The weather is a bit unpredictable, as daily weather can change drastically. The state observes from hot and humid summers to snowy winters, along with tornadoes and thunderstorms in between.
  • There is no large city like California; however, that can be good for people looking to get away from the hustle and bustle.

Moving out may seem a difficult decision, but makes it easy. So, when you decide to move out, call them – they'll take care of everything.

All these benefits, except for the weather, make Moving from California to Oklahoma probably a life-changing decision.