Find a More Walkable City to Move to When You Leave California

Find a More Walkable City to Move to When You Leave California

Cut your impact on the environment and find a new city where you can easily and safely walk. If you’re looking for a new home outside California, walkability may be a factor, especially if you want to be less reliant on your vehicle and more environmentally friendly. Discover how to find a new walkable home when you leave California.

What Is Walkability?

Walkability refers to how easy it is for people to safely walk around the area. It can also extend to how easy someone can live without a vehicle. For instance, Los Angeles has some walkable neighborhoods, but many people live in suburbs far from their workplaces, making owning a vehicle almost a requirement. Other cities have well-established mass transportation and workplaces near residential areas, which make commuting without a car easier.

How Walkability Is Measured

Walkability has several metrics that contribute to it. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) conducted a study known as the Smart Location Database (SLD). The SLD uses 90 different characteristics, including distance to transit stops, neighborhood design, destination accessibility by car or mass transit, demographics, diversity of land use, and employment. Variables from the SLD that contribute to the walkability score include distance to transit stops, intersection density, and diversity of land use. These combine with information from the United States Census to create walkability scores. You can see a map of the most walkable locations from this data online.

Walkable Cities to Move to When You Leave California

If walkability is a priority when moving, use the walkability index map to find a great location for you to move to. You’ll notice that most of the best places for walkability are in urban areas served by mass transit systems. However, you can still get away from overcrowded cities when you leave California and relocate to a smaller town. In many smaller towns, historic Main Street areas have higher than average walkability scores, making living in a smaller town an option, too, especially if you work remotely.

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