Find Room Away from Crowded California Cities to Spread Out When Moving to Tennessee

Find Room Away from Crowded California Cities to Spread Out When Moving to Tennessee

California cities are large and crowded. Traffic and pollution plague city dwellers in these locations. When you live in a California city, you share space with millions of others. However, if you choose to move to Tennessee, you will find enough space to spread out in cities that have populations that rank at a fraction of California's largest metropolitans.

Tennessee Cities and State Population 

The population of the entire state of Tennessee is only 50% larger than Los Angeles (four million people in 2020), with an estimated state population of 6.6 million in 2016.

Populations of Tennessee's two largest cities, Memphis and Nashville, are each smaller than the top four cities in California. Memphis had a population of 655,770 as of 2015, making it the largest city in the state. Nashville had 654,610 people in 2016 within the city limits.

Taking into account the suburbs of each of these cities, puts Nashville ahead. Its metropolitan area had a population of 1.7 million whereas Memphis had 1.3 million when accounting for its suburbs.

Even taking into account suburban populations into the metro areas, the cities still are not as large as the biggest in California. Plus, the state's population density, which is the population divided by area, is 153.9 people per square mile. The most densely populated county, Davidson County, where Nashville is has a population density of 1388.82 people per square kilometer.

California Cities and State Population 

California's biggest cities are Los Angeles, San Diego, San Jose, and San Francisco, as of 2020. All of these cities have experienced positive population growth rates, with San Francisco and San Diego experiencing double-digit growths of greater than 10%.

Cities in California are so large that they rank among the nation's biggest. Los Angeles, with a population inside the city limits of 4 million in 2020, is the second most populous city in the United States. Additionally, San Diego and San Jose are among the top ten most populated cities in the United States.

With the state's population constantly growing, projections estimate the state to have 50 million people by 2050 and a population just under 40 million as of 2020. However, the state's area has its limits. Currently, population density across California is 251.3 people per square mile, much higher than in Tennessee. In San Francisco County, the state's most densely populated, has 19,012.61 people per square kilometer.

California cities continue to grow, and like the state, as more people flock to the cities, the population densities there will also grow. If you want more space, consider leaving to the less densely packed Tennessee.

Move Out of California Cities to Tennessee for Less Crowding

California cities are large and densely packed. Even the most heavily populated county in Tennessee isn't as heavily or densely populated. Therefore, if you want to get away from crowded California cities, let us know at I Want to Move Out of State for help with getting your property sold to help you move to Tennessee.