How Is Remote Work Impacting People Leaving California and Other States?

How Is Remote Work Impacting People Leaving California and Other States?

The shift from mostly in-office to mostly remote work during the COVID pandemic impacted numerous workers. While many are grateful to return to the workplace, many remain remote. If you are among the remote workers out there, now is a great time to consider leaving California for another state with a lower cost of living.

The Impact of Remote Work on Leaving California and Other States

Remote work makes it easier to relocate. California has a high cost of living, which is one of the main reasons that people choose to live elsewhere. In a survey of workers during 2020, 40% of workers anticipated remaining remote after the pandemic. Plus, among those surveyed, 19% of remote workers had moved compared to only 13% of those who worked in offices. These numbers indicate higher numbers of people moving compared to the previous year, which only showed 9.8% of people moving. Among those who moved, 12% chose to leave their states.

Why Move to Another State If You Work Remotely

By working remotely, you have greater freedom to keep your job and leave the state. In doing so, you can take advantage of the higher salary paid by California companies to compensate for the state’s higher cost of living. In another state, your California salary can get you a larger home or one with more amenities. You will ultimately have more disposable income to invest, save, or spend as you please.

Can You Still Move If You Work Onsite?

Moving to another state is more difficult if you work onsite. However, with more employers willing to allow remote work, you can ask if it is an option for you. If not, you may choose to find a job in your new home state or choose a remote job in California. Ideally, you will want to have work lined up before moving. With a job already in place, you will have a steady supply of income throughout the move, which will come in handy when making deposits and getting home loans.

Get Help When Leaving California from Impact Properties

Whether you currently work remotely and want your paycheck to have greater spending power in another state or just want to get away from California and its high cost of living, contact Impact Properties. You can get help with the real estate aspects of your move out of California.