Move to One of the Fastest Growing Cities in the United States

Move to One of the Fastest Growing Cities in the United States

Many people are leaving California. But where are they going? These ex-Californians are contributing to the population boom in several of the country’s fastest growing cities. The amenities, cost of living, job availability, and climate are just some of the reasons for their rapid growth. Find out more about some of these towns to see if one appeals enough to you to become your next home.

1. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Among the fastest growing cities, Myrtle Beach, SC, is at the top. The mild climate, beachfront living, and small-town appeal make this a top destination for many people to move to. It’s the only one in the top five not in Florida, but it still has the same mild winters as Florida towns. Additionally, this town ranked as one of the best places to live in 2021. High quality of life, lower cost of living than many metro areas, and great climate make this the number one spot for many people to move to.

2. Austin, TX

No personal income taxes and business freedom draw a large number of people and companies from California to the Lone Star State, and its capital, Austin, is the center for Californians to move to. This town is the 13th  of the fastest growing cities in the country. Its central location, mild winters, and numerous tech job opportunities make it desirable for people relocating from Silicon Valley and elsewhere in California.

3. Boise, ID

Close behind Austin, at number 14, Boise, is the largest city in Idaho and a prime site for new residents. Californians want to move to Idaho for the mountain living, lower taxes, low teacher-to-student ratios, and lower cost of living without leaving the West. Those from other states find these benefits of living in Idaho reasons to move there, too.

4. Nashville, TN

Living in the center of Tennessee provides cooler weather, opportunities to visit numerous live music venues, a lower cost of living, and beautiful scenery are perks of moving to Nashville, TN. Californians who can work remotely have their paychecks go farther in Nashville. Those who relocate their homes and jobs to Nashville still benefit from lower housing costs and taxes. These reasons contribute to Nashville’s appearance at number 25 on the list of fastest growing cities.

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