Moving from California to Missouri: Expert tips

Moving from California to Missouri: Expert tips

Missouri is basically a place in the Midwestern United States, which has a perfect blend of culture and sports. It also consists of several awesome foods, and nature is really spectacular. If you are worried about the kind of people you will probably meet out there, you do not need to bother at all. This is because the people out there are pretty funny and friendly. The location comes with so many schools and universities. Making it an amazing place to study if you want to learn new things. Also, there are so many events and festivals, and thus, you can participate in several activities to keep you entertained. Here are a few expert tips that you must keep in mind before moving from California to Missouri:

Moving from California to Missouri: Tips

  • Places to live

If you are partners and want to live in a place with an urban feel, diverse culture, ample amenities, and nightlife, Clayton is a good area to go to! For families, Chesterfield is a pretty cool option with parks and schools. On the contrary, Richmond Heights is a suitable place for singles with a super strong job market and many facilities.

  • Housing and rent

Whether you are searching for an apartment or a housing facility in Missouri, you can simply go online and look for the one that fits your budget and location. Zillow,, Trulia, and Century21 are some of the best places to search for!

  • Update your mail

In case you are moving to Missouri permanently, it is obvious for you to expect your packages and mail via your mailing partner with Also, mail forwarding will ensure that your mail is redirected to the right address. Doing this is pretty simple! All you need is to sign up through the USPs website, or you can directly deal with mail forwarding via your local post office.

  • Sell your old items

Since you are moving to a new place and planning to start everything afresh, it is time to get your hands off your old belongings. You can segregate all your useful things from your old possessions. This will further make your move simpler! It's good to sell them on an online marketplace. Also, you can donate them to a non-profit organization. You can even do that across any social media platform.

  • Alter your address

Alongside the mail forwarding procedures, you even need to update your address with the concerned authorities in Missouri. Do your voter registration with the local county clerk. It will take approximately a week to get the confirmation for the same. You can also submit the application for review in the local Missouri DOR office. This will be extremely important, and you must change your address with all your service providers and employer.

  • Change your driver's out-of-state license.

As soon as you have established your residency in Missouri, you can even transfer your state driver's license at the earliest. To do this, simply visit your local DOR office with all the necessary documents. You would be required to surrender your out-of-state license to exchange the same. In case you own a license that is out of the country, you will need to pass the written, vision, and driving tests.

  • Health and home insurance

Once you move to Missouri, the first thing you need to bang your head about is getting health insurance without any delay. This is extremely critical, and you must do it to get peace of mind in case of any medical emergency. Also, getting home insurance is very important, and since people in Missouri are at a high risk of getting storms, tornadoes, and floods, getting home insurance is something you cannot skip!

  • Find a reliable moving agency.

Before you finalize the quotation, find a reliable moving firm who can take the entire responsibility of your shift. Look for an agency with good positive reviews. You may check through their website or ask for references about their personal experiences in case you know someone!