Reasons People Leave California: Overcrowded Cities

Reasons People Leave California: Overcrowded Cities

Overcrowded, highly populated cities provide jobs and active environments that many people crave. However, with the extra people, crime, traffic, and housing costs also go up. Some people find overcrowded cities to be too much to handle and seek less densely populated locations.


High Population Densities

Overcrowding comes from having a large number of people in a small space. Some cities and towns in California have more than 20,000 people per square mile. Compare that to the densest locations in Nevada that only have around 6,000 people per square mile.


Finding a city with a lower population density can correlate to lower housing prices because there are fewer people competing to buy real estate in the area. Plus, homes tend to be larger in less dense locations.


Traffic and Overcrowded Cities

California is notorious for being a state where most people rely on personal vehicles instead of public transportation, even in big cities. The high rate of car ownership means traffic and commutes can become problematic. Spending hours a day sitting in traffic to get to work takes away time that could go toward more enjoyable endeavors.


When living in less densely populated areas, people can live closer to their jobs, cutting down on commutes. Plus, the lower populations mean not having to compete with others on the road.


Finding Room to Spread Out for Those Who Leave California

Those who leave California find more space to spread out. Plus, they likely will spend less on housing and other living costs. Leaving densely populated, expensive San Francisco was a priority for tens of thousands of people in 2020. In fact, the city lost 694% more people than it did in 2019.


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