Reasons People Move to Tennessee: Lower Cost of Living and Remote Work

Reasons People Move to Tennessee: Lower Cost of Living and Remote Work

One of the major changes that has occurred during 2020 has been the rise of remote work. This opens the types of places where people can live and still have their same jobs. For instance, instead of finding a home as close to an office as possible, people can now live anywhere in the country and still contribute to their work. For those in California who want to move to Tennessee for the lower cost of living, remote work may allow them to keep their existing jobs.

Why California Jobs Are Ideal for Remote Work

People in California often have jobs that make remote work possible. For example, tech and professional work accommodate well to home office work. Therefore, those with these types of jobs in California may be free to move out of state. Even after the pandemic ends, employers expect to triple the number of days their employees work from home.

Already, many people have left California cities for suburbs with lower costs of living. However, state taxes and a generally higher cost of living compared to the rest of the country may make a move to Tennessee or another state with a lower cost of living more desirable.

What Does a Lower Cost of Living Really Mean?

With a move to Tennessee, you can expect to spend less for the same goods and services that you got in California. In some cases, you can get more for your dollars. For example, for the same amount that you paid for a California home, you could get a much larger property in Tennessee, which has an average home price of $164,500, compared to California’s $552,800.

Remote Work and Housing Costs

With remote work, many people now need a separate room in their homes for office space. The kitchen table does not suffice for full-time remote work, as many people have found over 2020. Therefore, moving to a home with more space to accommodate remote work means finding a location with lower housing costs. In Tennessee, you can spend less and still have a larger home than in California, giving you more than enough space for a home office.

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