Should You Move to Oklahoma from California?

Should You Move to Oklahoma from California?

A grant program in Oklahoma offered cash to entice remote workers from the California Bay Area to relocate to the state. But, should you move to Oklahoma from California? Aside from the relocation offer, what benefits does this state have over sunny California? Maybe it has more to offer than you may think.

Cost of Living When You Move to Oklahoma

Your paycheck in Oklahoma will go much further in purchasing the things you need and want than in California. In Los Angeles, CA, the cost of living is 102.9% higher than in Oklahoma City, OK. That means that you need to make a lot more money in California to live comfortably than in Oklahoma.

Housing in Oklahoma vs. California

Housing costs play a role in the difference in costs of living between the cities. For example, in Los Angeles, a home costs 430% more than one in Oklahoma City, with median home prices of $689,500 vs. $130,000, respectively. You could save a lot of the money that you get from selling your California home when you move to Oklahoma. Alternatively, you could purchase a much larger home, in a nicer neighborhood.

Similar Salaries

If you were to make $170,579 annually in Los Angeles, you would only need to make $80,000 a year to achieve a similar lifestyle. Therefore, if you move to Oklahoma and find a job with a lower salary, you may still be able to have a more luxurious lifestyle than in California due to the lower cost of living in the state. In fact, the difference could make you feel much wealthier than you did in California.

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