Tech Companies Are Leaving California – Why You Should, Too

Tech Companies Are Leaving California – Why You Should, Too

You probably already know about the exodus of people from California. But, did you know that tech companies are also moving out, too? In fact, several companies have left the state for other locations. Therefore, if you’re in the tech industry, you may have a better chance of finding a job in one of these new homes to these companies.

Tech Companies Leaving California

Several tech companies have already left California for other states with more freedom for businesses. Examples include the following:

Reasons these companies cite for their moves include lower state taxes, better housing costs and availability, and the high cost of living in California. These moves also mean that many jobs vacate California, too. Those who currently work for these companies or plan to be future employees may need to consider leaving California.

Where Are These Companies Going?

As noted, many of the businesses are moving to Texas. Austin, Texas, is quickly becoming a technological hub for such businesses. The lack of state income taxes and pro-business culture make it a desirable destination for many companies.

Other states also benefit from these tech company moves. For instance, Oklahoma promoted bonuses to draw remote tech workers to the state. Las Vegas also created a marketing campaign to draw tech companies and workers to the state. Competition for companies leaving California is heavy.

Why You Should Move, Too

If you work in tech, you might consider moving to another state to follow the jobs. While many tech companies allow for remote work, you may be able to have a better quality of life in another state on the same salary. For instance, the costs of living in both Nevada and Texas are much lower than in California. Plus, neither state imposes income taxes on residents, allowing you to keep a greater percentage of your paycheck. Moving could help you to get a new tech job that will make you a better income.

Relocating Help for Leaving California from

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