The Surprising Reason People Leave California

The Surprising Reason People Leave California

You already know that many people are flocking to other states in droves. In fact, 3% of the population has departed for other parts of the country. While you may be familiar with the economic reasons cited as to why people leave California, you may not know one of the most surprising – politics.

How Many People Leave California Versus Only Consider It

While only 3% of the state's population make the move to migrate away from the state, a much higher percentage reports wanting to leave. More than half, 52% had some thoughts about wanting to leave California. While most of these people, 58% reported high taxes as the primary reason, and 71% mentioned housing costs. But these were not the only reasons for people leaving. The poll that gathered this information about people's intents to leave and their reasons also tracked an unusual metric, their political beliefs.

How Politics Plays into Which People Leave California

Political leanings better predicted whether people stated in California or wanted to leave. In fact, most people who leaned to the liberal side of the aisle or voted Democrat reported enjoying California. Compared to Republican voters, three times as many Democratic voters reported the state as the best place to live. This difference likely accounts for why so many left-leaning people wanted to stay in the state.

Among those polled, the highest percentage reported a conservative stance or Republican affiliation, with 71% indicating this political leaning. Democrats only accounted for 38% of polled individuals who wanted to migrate elsewhere. Independents fell in the middle with 55% indicating this political stance and wanting to migrate.

The Reactions of Other States

Despite the higher number of Republicans versus Democrats wanting to leave the state, other states, which often are more conservative, have a belief that all Californians who move to their area are liberal. Additionally, some claim these ex-Californians will bring their liberal politics to the areas. This scenario often does not play out.

First, many of the people who leave California are conservative-leaning, making them fit in well into the conservative enclaves in some states. These areas likely won't need to worry too much about having their politics changed by ex-Californians.

Second, people choose to find places to live with other similarly minded individuals. Therefore, those more liberal people who leave California will likely find places in other states with those who have similar politics. For example, in Texas, the state overall is conservative, but liberal outposts exist in the major cities, especially in Austin.

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