Things To Know About Delaware Before Moving There

Things To Know About Delaware Before Moving There

Moving to Delaware could be one of the best decisions you have ever made! Well, there are certain things that you might need to know prior to making your shifting even more seamless! 

Before moving to a new location, you should try to catch up with all the necessary information about the place to ensure that you get no surprise once the decision is already taken. There is no denial to the fact that Delaware has been booming over the past years. Also, the business atmosphere of the towns and cities over there has caught everyone's eyes to date. This place is quite close to the major eastern cities. If you plan to move to Delaware anytime soon, you are here at the right place! 

Delaware is famous for its history and charm alongside the business-friendly environment that is already quite popular! The best part is that you will never lose out on getting an employment opportunity here. Truly, Delaware has lots of jobs for everyone! You may even choose to check out to know more about Delaware before moving out! 

Moving to Delaware: Things To Know before moving

Here are a few things that you might need to know about Delaware before moving there.

  • Best places to live in Delaware

If you are looking for a place with a dense urban feel alongside a diverse culture, there can be no better place than Happy Valley. It is the best place for couples to stay. Also, you won't run short of any amenities here. On the other hand, Pike Creek is best known for families with amazing housing facilities and good public schools. If you are moving solo, you can consider staying in Greenville. Certainly, this place is the best fit for any bachelor, with lots of entertainment options and exciting nightlife. 

  • Tax benefits for shoppers

This is certainly one of the best things about Delaware. Indeed, it is just like heaven for the shoppers. Delaware is one of those states that has not imposed a sales tax yet. Therefore, you can easily get many discounts on your purchases if you do them from Delaware. It is certainly one of the best places for residents and the real estate market. This is because this state has a median property tax of less than 0.5%. You are even eligible for social security benefit tax exemptions at the same time. Here, seniors from over the US (age above 60 years) are eligible for an exemption of 13000 dollars of their retirement income or pension, which is truly lucrative! 

  • Good connectivity to popular destinations

Most of the cities and towns in Delaware are closely connected to the popular destinations of the world. You do not need to struggle hard to get anywhere during your weekend. New York City is just a two and a half hour journey from Delaware by car, and there are several other places you can choose to chill out during your holidays if you reside in this state. 

  • A cultural paradise

Delaware is known as a cultural paradise with plenty of museums, art galleries, and various historic sites all around. If you are situated in Delaware, you will never find it boring as you will always have something or the other to do over here. Besides, if you are a music lover, you will love to watch the performances at Dewey Beach the Wilmington. Dover is also quite famous for live music! 

  • Beaches in close proximity

If you love to enjoy the outdoors during the weekend, Delaware will appear to be quite an interesting place to stay. It is well recognized for its beaches, known to be the cleanest coastlines in The United States. So you will not have to worry about what to do on your off days! Simply hang out with your friends or go solo for a day in the sun and enjoy good seafood by the coastlines! 

  • Hot jobs all around! 

According to surveys, it is found out that Delaware has got the lowest rank in terms of the unemployment rate at approximately 3.5%. Therefore, if you want an easy job somewhere around the globe, you can get it here! 

  • Cost of living

Well, there isn't any strict figure, though! However, the average cost for a couple living in Delaware will be around 2500 dollars monthly. To give you an easy breakup, you can put aside 850 dollars for rent on the mortgage. The utilities, including gas, water supply, phone, and internet bills, will cost you around 250 dollars. Now, groceries for two will come to 600$, and you can keep a count of 150 dollars for your entertainment. Transportation costs around 150$, and your home, health, and car insurance coverage will take another 500 dollars. 

  • Weather in Delaware

Yet another important thing before you move to Delaware is to know about its weather. In summer, the temperature reaches 87°, which is around 25° during the winter. The state witnesses 45 inches of rain annually and 10 to 15 inches of snow. You would surely love to visit the beaches in Delaware during the summer months! 

  • Places to shop and eat

Although Delaware isn't lacking any place devoid of eatables and shopping, two of the most popular big chain stores available in this state are none other than Costco and Walmart. 

  • Fun facts about Delaware

Last but not the least, here are some of the fun facts that you must know before moving to Delaware! The state has a nickname, "Diamond state." It is the second smallest state in the nation and ranks 6th in the list of the most densely populated states of the country.