What to Do About Your California Vehicle Registration When You Move Out of State?

What to Do About Your California Vehicle Registration When You Move Out of State?

If you are thinking of moving out of state, you need to prepare your home, family, and your vehicle. If you don’t update your California vehicle registration, you could continue to get notices to do so, even after you’ve changed your residence. Find out the right way to make the change with the state to avoid problems with your vehicle in the future.

How to Notify the DMV of Moving Out of State and Leaving Your Car Registered in California

You need to let the California DMV know that you will retain your California vehicle registration. Often, people choose to do this if they will move just across the border of the state or move temporarily out of state with plans to return within the year.

To alert the state, you need to fill out a change of address form online within 10 days of moving. This form changes the address for your vehicle registration and for your driver’s license, if you indicate so on the form. However, it does not send you a new license. You will need to request a new one. To let the state know that you will keep your state’s registration, do not mark the box on the online form that indicates your vehicle will have another state’s registration. Leaving this box blank ensures that you continue to get renewal notices in the mail at your new address.

What to Do If You Will Change Your California Vehicle Registration to Your New State

If you will change your vehicle registration to your new state, you must also complete the change of address form online. However, in this case, select the box next to the option that indicates that you will register the vehicle outside the state. Doing this will stop renewal notices from going to your new address. Don’t forget to apply for a new driver’s license in your new state.

What Happens If You Get a California Vehicle Registration Renewal Notice After You Move?

If you still get renewal notices for your vehicle, you may not have sent the state a change of address form. However, if you no longer own the vehicle, send the California DMV a vehicle transfer and release of liability form. This form is used to indicate donation, sale, or gifting of a vehicle.

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