Where to Go After Leaving California? The Most Popular States for Ex-Californians

Where to Go After Leaving California? The Most Popular States for Ex-Californians

Thinking of leaving California? You’re not alone. Thousands of others are in the same position and multitudes of others have already left. Where are they going? According to a Stacker report, the following are the top five destinations for ex-Californians:


Texas, especially centrally located in Austin, is a major destination for Californians. Even with the growing population of the state and its capital, housing prices and the cost of living in Austin are still below the values in Los Angeles. Compared to LA, the median home cost in Austin is 37.6% less with similarly lower housing costs. Texas also has plenty of room to grow outside the metro areas with large and expanding suburbs and exurbs around Austin, Dallas-Fort Worth, and Houston.


Naturally, the other states in the top five are in the West. These states have lower moving costs due to their closer proximity to California. Almost everything in Phoenix, AZ, costs less than in Los Angeles, CA. The cost of living, food and groceries, housing, median home prices, and transportation cost less in Arizona. However, utilities and health costs are more than in Los Angeles. However, these values are still cost to the national average and are only slightly higher than in Los Angles.


Nevada is more than a vacation destination for Californians. The cost of living for those in Las Vegas is about 11% above the national average. However, this value is still 37% lower than the cost of living for Los Angeles, making this site a great alternative to the high cost of living in California without going too far.


If you want a similar cost of living as Los Angeles, Seattle offers a comparable option. This city built on tech has lower utilities and transportation costs. Overall, the cost of living is only 4.8% less in Seattle than in Los Angeles. However, other areas in Washington state have lower costs of living, if you prefer. 


Californians who want to move to the Northeast can go to adjoining Oregon. Portland has a cost of living almost 25% lower than that in Los Angeles. Housing also costs 39% less. If you want to own a home in Portland, your money will go farther toward getting a larger home than it will in Los Angeles.

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