Which States Do Californians Move To?

Which States Do Californians Move To?

Californians are flocking out of the state at high rates. But have you ever wondered where these ex-California residents end up? Which states are the most popular for Californians to move to? Here are the top five relocation places for those who once called Cali home.


Among the top five states where Californians move to, Texas is the farthest east. However, this state offers many amenities that former Californians appreciate. For instance, those from rural areas will appreciate the laid-back countryside of Texas's Hill Country with its incredible vistas, large amounts of land, and more conservative politics.

However, those from the large cities will also find homes in the bigger cities of Texas, such as Austin, Houston, and Dallas, all of which have major hubs of high-tech businesses. The state also offers no state income tax and comparatively low housing costs.


Arizona is another popular spot for ex-Californians to migrate to. This state borders California, making it one of the closest locations to relocate to for those in the Southern portion of California. Arizona offers sunny weather for most of the year, thanks to its desert climate. Additionally, housing costs are low, and jobs are plentiful, making this state a prime location for those leaving Cali. Even businesses, such as Test Max originally from Santa Monica, are moving to Arizona.


Washington state has long been a known hub for the technology sector. Today, it continues to offer numerous jobs in high and low-tech sectors.

Additionally, the geography of the state draws new residents. Its varying climate include cool, rainy weather in the west and drier conditions east of the mountains. Like California, Washington has multiple state and national parks for recreation and nearby natural beauty.


Long known as a recreation destination for Californians visiting Reno or Las Vegas, Nevada is quickly becoming a popular state for former Cali residents to move to. Those in the entertainment industry will find no shortage of jobs. Also, like Texas, Nevada has no state income tax. However, unlike other states, Nevada also does not charge sales tax on food and medicine, increasing the spending power of your earnings.


With no state sales tax and hundreds of miles of pristine natural coastline, Oregon has a natural beauty that many from northern California will find familiar. Its proximity to California makes moving Oregon an easy state to relocate to, especially for those from the northern half of California.

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Why Did Elon Musk Move to Texas?

For months during 2020, Elon Musk butted heads with the officials in California about the shutdowns and handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. As of November 2020, the billionaire former Californian announced his official move to Austin, Texas. He also brought two of his growing businesses to the Lone Star State with him.

What Texas Gains from Elon Musk's Move

In addition to having a new resident, Texas also benefits by getting two major high-tech manufacturing companies – Space X and Tesla. Even before his move, Elon Musk announced in July 2020 that he would build a Tesla assembly plant in Austin for $1.1 billion. This plant will likely employ around 5,000 Texans.

This announcement of Tesla and Space X moving to Texas comes on the heels of other major companies moving to Texas, including Toyota and Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co.

Why Is Texas a Popular Destination for Relocating Californians?

Texas remains a popular destination for Californians for several reasons. First, it does not have a state income tax. Second, Texas has a fast-growing economy, fueled by new businesses arriving in the state. Third, the conservative politics of the state favor businesses and continued economic growth. With more businesses moving to Texas, too, the state offers newcomers plenty of jobs to choose from. In fact, over the years between 2010 and 2019, 11.1% of the 6.19 million people leaving California arrived in Texas.

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