Why Are People Moving to Nevada from California?

Why Are People Moving to Nevada from California?

Among the states that Californians moved to the most during recent years, Nevada has ranked in the top. Why are people moving to Nevada from California? There are several reasons for this exodus, including the cost of living, proximity, and lack of wildfires.

Moving to Nevada for a Lower Cost of Living Compared to California

Californians have the highest cost of living in the country. However, moving to Nevada can make earnings go much farther thanks to the state's lower living costs. In fact, Nevada ranks close to the national average for utilities, groceries, and health care. While housing costs are approximately 27.5% higher than the U.S. average, the rental costs are less. Compared to California, which has housing costs 139.1% higher than the national average, Nevada is a deal for real estate.

Overall, living in California costs just under 50% more than the national average, while Nevada residents only pay around 10% more. The savings are clear, especially for those who want to stop spending so much of their paychecks on standard living expenses.

The Proximity of Nevada to California Makes Moving Easier

Nevada's proximity to California makes moving easier, especially if renting moving vehicles. The costs and difficulty of transporting a household of goods across the country make such a move too hard for some. However, Nevada is just across the state line. Even residents of the coast can reach the state after a few hours of driving, rather than traveling for days.

Moving to Nevada for Fewer Wildfires

Nevada does not have the heavily forested environment of California. Therefore, it does not have the same impact from wildfires as California does. Many people from rural areas affected by these fires want to move somewhere else that does not present the danger of losing a home every few years from regular forest fires.

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