Why California Residents Want to Relocate to Idaho

Why California Residents Want to Relocate to Idaho

California residents are finding out that they no longer can handle the problems of living in the state. In fact, some people believe that the benefits of leaving outweigh those of staying. Some want to stay in the western United States, however. For them, Idaho provides a good option for moving to. This state provides numerous advantages over living in California, which explains why so many California want to relocate to Idaho.

Lower Crime Rates

In California, crime rates can make living in certain areas feel dangerous. Both violent crimes and property crimes in California exceed those of the national average, with respective rates of 25.2 and 37.1. Nationally, violent crimes average 22.1 and property crimes are 35.4.

If you relocate to Idaho, you will enjoy much lower crime rates. Violent crime rate in Idaho is 15.2, and property crime rate is 26.0.

Low Student-to-Teacher Ratio in Education

Especially in major cities in California, residents worry about their kids getting the best education. The average ratio of students to teachers in the state is 25 to 1, and 1,398 students per librarian. Therefore, classes are larger and librarians serve more students. Each pupil may get less individual attention in these conditions.

Those who relocate to Idaho will find much better ratios. For instance, the pupil to teacher ratio is 19 to 1. Each librarian serves an average of 612 students. Each student has a better chance of getting more individualized instruction with these ratios.

Lower Taxes

When moving to Idaho, you can enjoy lower sales tax and state income tax rates compared to California. While Californians must spend an average of 9.3% for their income tax rate and 8.5% for sales tax, the values in Idaho are much lower.

Idahoans will spend 7.4% for income tax and 6.0% for sales tax. The former is higher than the national average, which includes states without income tax, and the latter is lower than the US average.

Is It Time to Get Out of California and Relocate to Idaho?

If you think that you need a new climate with lower crime rates and lower taxes, you may have reached the point when a move is the next step in your life. Let us help you when you relocate to Idaho by offering you a way to sell your California home. Contact us for more details