Why Californians Leave the State

California is no longer becoming the Golden State destination it once was. In fact, the number of people migrating away from the state exceeds those entering it. There are several reasons why Californians leave the state. Among these, other states have more to offer in terms of better tax rates and lower costs of living. Here are just some of the many reasons for the large migration of people out of California.


California has a problem with its high cost of living. In addition to the prohibitively high costs of housing in the cities, state taxes reduce the amount of spending money Californians have. In fact, California has the highest total cost of living among states in the lower 48. Hawaii and Alaska typically pay more for food and goods due to the extra transportation costs.


For some, politics plays a role in leaving the state. Personal differences with state politics and how California lawmakers govern residents is one aspect of why Californians leave the state for political reasons. These migrants find their conservative politics don't match the more liberal approach of the state.

Another reason that politics affects some people's decisions to move is how they perceive politicians treating businesses. Some businesspeople report a "hostile business climate" in California that makes starting and growing a business difficult. Therefore, these people may move to states with governments that are more open to promoting business ventures or places that have more conservative politics.

Jobs Leaving the State

Due to the economic climate and cost of doing business in California, many jobs are leaving the state for other locations. For instance, Tesla's Gigafactory for assembling the company's Cybertruck announced its opening near Austin, Texas, in July 2020, though the company's founder, Elon Musk, lived in California at the time. He has since moved to Austin. The factory will introduce 5,000 jobs to Texans.

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