Why Leaving California May Help You to Find a Job

Why Leaving California May Help You to Find a Job

In California, the pandemic caused a severe rise in unemployment. There is still a significant percentage of Californians without jobs. This means that if you want to get a job, you may need to make leaving California part of your plan.

What Happened to Jobs from 2020 Through 2021

During April 2020, the percentage of the workforce filing for unemployment reached 19% -- almost one in five workers. The pandemic caused many businesses to fold and numerous people to lose their jobs. Luckily, numbers have bounced back, a little. While the number of people without jobs today is much less, it still is high. As of June 2021, the rate had dropped to 7.7%.

Not only jobs disappeared during 2020 but also businesses that provided those jobs. Many companies chose to evacuate the state for other locations, taking several jobs with them.

Companies Left California and Took Jobs with Them

California lost many companies, especially several from Silicon Valley. One of the most notable examples was the relocation to Texas of both Elon Musk’s Space-X and Tesla companies. However, other companies have left, too. Hewlett Packard, Oracle, and many others have changed their headquarters locations. While some of these continue to offer remote work to those in California, they will also bring jobs to their new home states.

Benefits of Leaving California for Work

If you want to get a new job in another state, you may enjoy several other benefits that you cannot get in California. For instance, California imposes a state income tax on all residents. However, if you live in a state such as Nevada or Texas, you won’t have this additional cost.

Moving elsewhere also reduces your cost of living because California has the highest in the country. With a lower cost of living, your paychecks may be smaller than those you made in California for the same job but you have more purchasing power with the money you earn. Therefore, you could buy a bigger house, a nicer car, or have more savings in your new home.

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