Why People Want to Move Away from California and Move to Oregon

Why People Want to Move Away from California and Move to Oregon

Californians are not willing to stay put. Many have already left the state for other locations both near and far from the West Coast. One of the closer states with Californians migrate to is Oregon. This northern neighbor to California offers many benefits over the Golden State. In fact, people choose to move to Oregon for its lower violence, lost cost of living, and a similar climate to northern California.

People Move to Oregon for Less Violence

People need to feel safe in their homes and their communities. However, many in California, especially in urban areas, don't feel safe. The statistics back up this feeling. Both property crimes and violent crimes in California are higher than the national average.

While Oregon does have a higher property crime rate than California, the violent crime rate is much lower than both the national average and California's rate. Therefore, individual safety is greater, based on the data, for those who move to Oregon.

Lower Cost of Living

Oregon also has a much lower cost of living compared to California. Utilities and healthcare costs are much lower for residents of Oregon than the average across the United States. Groceries and miscellaneous expenses are close to the average for the country. In fact, the only costs higher than the national average for Oregon are housing, at 48.9% higher, and transportation at 7.1% higher.

In California, the greatest expense, by far is housing, which costs 139.1% more than what people average across the United States. Consequently, though Oregon also has higher housing costs than other locations, its rate is much lower than its southern neighbor. A move to Oregon ultimately saves money over time with lower living expenses. And the cost of living is a top reason for many to migrate out of California.

Northwest Beauty and Climate

Many people don't want to leave California due to the climate and pristine beauty, especially in the northern portion of the state. However, by moving to Oregon, ex-Californians can continue to enjoy the stunning scenery of the mountains and forests of the Northwest United States without the high costs of living or risk to personal safety from violence. A move to Oregon offers these benefits.

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