Will You Miss California When You Move Out of State? Check Out These States That Offer California-Like Perks

Will You Miss California When You Move Out of State? Check Out These States That Offer California-Like Perks

If you want to move out of California due to its high state taxes or cost of living, you are making a decision common to many ex-Californians. However, choosing to leave for practical reasons does not make it easier, especially if you live in California for its positive attributes. While you won’t find a single state that is exactly like California, there are some aspects that you can find in other places around the country. Think about what you will miss the most from California and then use that to find the ideal state for you to move to.

Love Nature? Consider Colorado

If you love nature and live near the mountains in California, you may want to live in Colorado. For living costs, the cost of living in Los Angeles is 37.9% higher than in Denver, Colorado with homes in LA 65.4% more costly than those in Denver.

Colorado also has an abundance of natural settings to make any outdoors lover happy. While it does not have numerous lakes, you will still find mountains, deserts, and enough scenic vistas to keep you happy. In fact, this state boasts four national parks, six national monuments, and 11 national forests. There are also 42 state parks and 35 winter recreation areas. If you feel the outdoors calling you, Colorado might be the best place for you to move to.

Want Better Tech Business Opportunities? Think Texas

Many tech companies are leaving California for cheaper states to do business in. If you have a job in this industry, consider following these businesses to Texas, which is becoming a hub for tech. Plus, Texas does not have state taxes and a much lower cost of living.

Love Sunny Weather? Look at Nevada

If sunny skies led you to California, you may consider some of the western states with dry climates, such as Nevada. While most of the state is a desert, so is the southeastern part of California.

Compared to sunny San Diego, Las Vegas, Nevada, receives a similarly low level of annual precipitation – 11.7 inches for the former city and 5 inches for the latter. In fact, Las Vegas experiences almost a month more of sunny days than San Diego – 294 versus 266.

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